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프로젝트 도란도란은 2021년 한국의 ActiveArt와 캐나다의 NaAC가 함께한 시각예술 프로젝트 입니다. 

한국과 캐나다의 발달 장애 아티스트의 특별한 시각을 워크숍을 통해 나누었고 한국의 아트스탠드에서 전시회를 함께 했습니다.

​우리는 프로젝트를 함께하며 서로에게 많은 것을 배웠습니다.

Project DoranDoran is a visual art project in 2021 by ActiveArt from Korea and NaAC from Canada.

The special perspectives of artists with developmental disabilities in Korea and Canada were shared through workshops and an exhibition was held together.

We learned a lot from each other while working on a project together.

online workshop

2021 08 02 - 09 25

online exhibition

2021 10 15 - 12 30

offline exhibition

2021 11 15 - 11 20


Project schedule

Number of participating artists

22 Canadian and Korean Artists

Number of exhibition artwork

150 works

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